OFWGKTA special

When I first got a OFWGKTA video sent to me by my cousin a couple of months ago the first thing came to my mind was FINALLY! Don´t get me wrong, I love the hiphop scene of today and I find it much more alive and kickin´than any other music scene right now. Lets face it, the Emo-kids-crap has killed the rock scene and the interesting part of the punk/hardcore scene will never get the recognition it deserves. But this hiphop shit is still the shiiiit! I mean, the battle scene has probably never been bigger or better than it is now, old school dudes are still going strong (fuckin´loved the Rea:s “OBFCL2” and Ghosts “Apolo kids” and even Kool G Rap just dropped a dope mixtape), indie dudes are doing their thing (If you haven´t heard B.Dolans or 2Mex new stuff you should kill yourself and then go and buy their albums) And I love the new cats like Soul Khan of/and Brown Bag Allstars and Detroits The Left just to mention a few. With that said…. I still felt like something was missing. I still needed something to come up from nowhere and fuck up everything…kinda like Wu Tang did in the 90s! Well….then I got OFWGKTA! A hiphop collective that consists of two groups (MellowHype and EarlWolf) and has 11 MCs/DJs who are all in ages between 17 and 24.

OFWGKTA are Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Frank Ocean, Left Brain, The Super 3, Syd tha Kyd, Jasper Loc and Taco Bennett

I won´t bother ya´ll with with some long-ass review of the albums (yes there are a few of them out already)  or some big words on how genius this is but I will say that OFWGKTA stands for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (which could be one of the best crew-names ever) and is THE SICKEST SHIT OUT THERE!

To start it all in the right way… here is a video for Earl Sweatshirts song “Earl”:

With that done we can go on to the creative leader and the big genius behind OFWGKTA, Earl Sweatshirts big brother Tyler the Creator. His debut album is called “Bastard” and is,  in my opinion, the best shit OFWGKTA has put out to date. The whole album is fuckin´dope….just listen to his voice in this…

Of course that won´t be enough for you so here is another one where you can see that they put some work on the videos too

First I thought that I would end the “Bastard” briefing with the last official video that Odd Future made for the song “Bastard” but since it´s very short (but good) you´ll have to youtube it yourself  cos I´m going with my favorite song from that record “Seven”:

In 2011 Tyler is to drop a new album called “Goblin”. I guess ya´ll have heard this one. It´s hyped as shit right now and even shitty hipster sites like pitchfork are hyping him for this one. What can I say, he´s getting better and better and deserves the hype. This one is called Yonkers…Enjoy…

Well…I can´t let ya´ll leave without seeing at least one of their live performances. This one is on Jimmy Fallon so its pretty clean but you should check out other footage that’s on the net….the shit is SICK!

I guess ya´ll realized by now that we here at rovdjurstorget.com love OFWGKTA and so should you! Fuck Kanye, Li´ll Wayne, Wacka flocka flame, Gucci mane or any other whack rapper that your local hipster newspaper/magasin/blogg is hyping. If these guys don´t blow up to be the biggest hiphop crew in the world then there is something really wrong with the hiphop scene of today!

And btw….U can get all of OFWGKTA music for free at http://oddfuture.tumblr.com/




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