Roffe Ruff – Barrabas

Give us Barrabas!

Finally, and worth the wait, Roffe Ruff’s latest opus “Barrabas” has been released.

As claimed through the official site, Barrabas is planned as the final release by Roffe Ruff. Wishful thinking makes me think that it’s just a closing of one chapter and the birth of a new. The man is just too damn creative to call it quits.

Some album info, translated from their swedish page

The tracks are produced by Kapten Röd, Hofmästarn, Lance-A-Lot, Ante Lynx, Loopaddict, Roffe
and EKP. As usually, the tracks are recorded, mixed and birthed  by Roffe och Bubba Flexx. Responsible for mastering is Måns Asplund. Choir voicing by Etzia, Shi-shi, Mästerkatten and Hofmästarn. Antwon plays guitar och Majornas own Badman lays cuts.

Track listing

01. Prolog
02. Anticimex
03. Barrabas
04. Ge Mig Ett Skäl
05. L.I.M.B.O.
06. Jag Är Din
07. Monster
08. Så Är Det (Idiologi)
09. Fröken Anderberg
10. En Trappa Ner
11. Farväl

Download Barrabas from Mediafire here or from Roffe’s site here. If you want to order a physical copy of the CD you can make your order at If you live in Gothenburg you’ll be able to buy Barrabas in CD sometime next week from Time in Stigbergstorget.


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