About Rovdjurstorget

Rovdjurstorget is a Gothenburg-based webzine/multimedia melting pot with interest in punk, hip hop, books, movies and anything else you might find brilliant and offensive in society.

Rovdjurstorget is aimed to work independently and as a collective with guest contributors.

Rovdjurstorget is:

Dr. Buzzkill Ric Samaniego: administrator/project manager/writer: rovdjurstorget@gmail.com

Kloshar – writer: mail to be posted soon

Edin – writer: eddieep@gmail.com

Johnny Martini – writer: mail to be posted soon

The different forms of Rovdjurstorget:

Stigmatic Productions: video, sound production

Animal Sound Effects: distorted music project

Chauvinistic Pig Productions: acoustic music project

Heartless Heartbeat: drummachines meet acoustics


“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star”

Friedrich Nietzsche

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