NEWS: 2 New records from the mind of John Frusciante

  Ain’t it dead yet!? Let me be the first to say it: Yes, we’ve been on hiatus; yes, we’ve been avoiding this site like the plague for a while; yes, we’ve been dead; but good folks, it’s all been for the greater good. Now we’re almost done with our studies and all its deadlines … Continue reading

Pere Ubu booked for The Brew House!

Pere Ubu playing @ Brew House, Gothenburg, May 21st 2011 You know that band that gets mentioned in your favorite band interviews?  The band that gets name dropped  by the musicians who were influenced by them? Well, Pere Ubu is not that band. It’s actually the band that your favorite musicians often choose to rip … Continue reading

Not Yet – New Monotonix

Monotonix are set to release their follow up to the 2009 album “Where Were You When it Happened?” The new album is titled “Not Yet” and is planned to get a release on January 25 of 2011. Listen to one of the tracks “Give Me More” right here at Rovdjurstorget.

Rovdjurstorget posts new demo: Predator Blue – featuring special guest…

Rovdjurstorget: Predator Blue ft. special guest… Joe Coleman Rovdjurstorget has posted an early demo titled Predator Blue from their upcoming EP on Soundcloud and Myspace. The demo track is instrumental and features a sample by a much respected artist that some of you might recognize without introduction. Predator Blue is intended to appear together with … Continue reading