Scott Dunbar

Scott Dunbar

Every now and then in my life I get periods when I’m manically into the blues. Since all the good ole guys have been dead and gone for ages, it can sometimes get a little to monotonous to play the same records over and over again for too long. I therefore desperately started to  search for something new. So I checked out Fat Possum Records to see if they had come across a new T-Model Ford or something lately. I found out they hadn’t. (But if you’re reading this on a prison computer and feel the need to listen to someone that is in deeper shit than you are. Or if you’re just into rural American cotton-field/jailhouse folk music alá 1930´s Alan Lomax recordings, I found a record by Robert Pete Williams! – he’s on Spotify too).

What I did find though, was something just equally as good! I started searching Spotify for Blues-musicians that Fat Possum had released when i stumbled across Scott Dunbar. I played the ”Philosophies of a moth Vol. 3” record. The first song i listened to was “I´m Dick Cheney”, with the lyrics:

”Bomb Iran, bomb bomb Iran. We´re gonna bomb Iran, bomb bomb Iran.

Make them mothers and children cry

You think I give a damn about a bitch? I ain´t a sucker!

Dude, well that’s me! Now you´re all gonns die.

Don’t hate the player hate the game, yeah!”

I realised that this was extremely good shit! So if you haven’t already  heard Scott Dunbar and like blues/country music with great lyrics, I suggest you look him up right now!

One Response to “Scott Dunbar”
  1. Thee-LP says:

    There are two different Scott Dunbar. The one who released an album with Fat Possum (it was actually a reissue, since the original was recorded in the early 70’s and released on a japanese label) was a Mississippi bluesman who died in 1994. The “new” Sott Dunbar sounds pretty good to me though.

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