Marink – I Never finish what I star

Marink: I Never finish what I star It’s always soothing to hear when someone else shares your tendencies to procrastinate. Based on that, I give thumbs up to Marink for miraculously releasing his debut EP “I Never finish what I star”. Marink, a close affiliate to The Brown Bag AllStars, has already produced for BBAS … Continue reading

Download: New Track from Soul Khan – Soulstice II

Download: New Track from Soul Khan – Soulstice II As 2010 comes closer to an end, Rovdjurstorget got a little surprise in its mailbox . It’s called Soulstice II and it came from the camp of Soul Khan and J57 of The Brown Bag Allstars. Download it down here. Press on the small arrow to the right of the … Continue reading