Rovdjurstorget LIVE! premieres with: Bombus performing Outsider

Rovdjurstorget LIVE! premieres with: Bombus performing Outsider @ Jazzhuset 23/9/2011

It’s ALIVE! Welcome to the first of a new series here at Rovdjurstorget where we’ll feature and present local acts from Gothenburg and all over Sweden that we know you’ll love as much as we do. This project has been in the works for a while and wishes to spread the abundance of creativity that we consider ourselves to be surrounded by. Why keep the cake to yourself when it only grows larger the more you spread, throw and smear it around people’s faces?

Rovdjurstorget LIVE! will include footage from local, sometimes international bands, interviews and once in a while carve peepholes into musicians’ private moments when writing and arranging music during rehearsals.

That said, we’re stoked to start this series with a band from Gothenburg you may have heard of. They’ve been around since their formation 2008/2009, have released one self titled full length album (Mourningwood Recordings) and released a couple of singles. Citing their influences from bands such as  The Melvins, Black Sabbath, The Jesus Lizard and Poison Idea, should give you a good sense of where they come and have evolved from.

Ladies and gents, we present… in their own words, “A most user friendly band from GBG Sweden”:

Bombus – performing Outsider live at Jazzhuset 23/9/2011


Visit their website:

One Response to “Rovdjurstorget LIVE! premieres with: Bombus performing Outsider”
  1. fennez says:

    pretty good. I’m always finding out that the artists I like are swedish. keep em coming.


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