Trunk Show

Trunk Show – Dovetail Records In the wild, sometimes things fall into place. It’s not always in the limelight for everyone or anyone to see, but it’s there, and it’s a precious feeling to stand alone in the wild and witness how the mating between a grizzly bear and a caribou gives birth to the … Continue reading

Mark Lanegan releases new song: Burning Jacob’s Ladder

Mark Lanegan releases new song: Burning Jabob’s Ladder If you’ve listened to any good band during the last 20+ years, you’re guaranteed to have heard the vocals of Mark Lanegan.  He’s been there all along, yet he manages to avoid that strobe light that most musicians tend to fall under. His name is known though … Continue reading

Scott Dunbar

Scott Dunbar Every now and then in my life I get periods when I’m manically into the blues. Since all the good ole guys have been dead and gone for ages, it can sometimes get a little to monotonous to play the same records over and over again for too long. I therefore desperately started … Continue reading

OFWGKTA special

When I first got a OFWGKTA video sent to me by my cousin a couple of months ago the first thing came to my mind was FINALLY! Don´t get me wrong, I love the hiphop scene of today and I find it much more alive and kickin´than any other music scene right now. Lets face it, the … Continue reading